Mr. Wrong (1984)

Mr Wrong

Directed by Gaylene Preston [Other horror films: N/A]

At many points throughout the film, Mr. Wrong feels like a traditional ghost story, and I think that it’s a feeling that works out pretty well, though it doesn’t leave me feeling utterly wowed.

This New Zealand flick might be a bit conventional at times, and you can certainly see the ending coming from some miles away, but it has that spooky vibe that works. Featuring a woman who isn’t the generic beauty queen also helps out, and gives the film a somewhat more ‘everyman’s’ feel.

Heather Bolton does a good job as the main character, and at times, I think one can really feel the terror she too feels. David Letch has a good, ominous presence, though I would have liked a bit more back-story regarding him.

The biggest detriment this film has is the fact that while it certainly has chills, it’s extraordinarily light on actual kills. While I wasn’t expecting any gore (which was good, as there’s none to be found), I was hoping for a higher body count than what we actually got. Related, the movie occasionally feels as though it has a sluggish pace, and while there are really well-done and suspenseful sequences at times, it does drag a bit.

Still, if traditional ghost stories are your thing, then I think this would work out. It’s certainly nothing overly special, but it’s a very competently-made and compelling film, so if you can get beyond the New Zealand accents, I’d give it a go.


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