The Hexecutioners (2015)

The Hexecutioners

Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook [Other horror films: Scarce (2008), Monster Brawl (2011), Septic Man (2013), The Hoard (2018), Deadsight (2018)]

Given it’s atrocious title, you might not be surprised to learn that The Hexecutioners is a bad film. The good elements are as followed: Liv Collins does a decent job with her role, and there’s some cool scenes toward the end.

But everything else? Failure. The story doesn’t give us many, if any, answers. The ending is absolutely and thoroughly terrible. Some of the jump scares seem unnecessary. Overall, the movie, despite a somewhat unique plot, doesn’t have a good hexecution. :p

I really don’t have much to say – the story suffered due to a lack of context, spirits/ghosts just popped up and were never explained. It’s just a disjointed and uneven movie. The okay acting by Collins isn’t enough to save it, nor are the visually appealing scenes when they come up. Though this is far shorter than most of my reviews, I’ve found I just don’t have that much to say about it. A sub par film; would not recommend.


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