The Toxic Slime Creature (1982)

Toxic Slime

Directed by Kenneth Zollo [Other horror films: N/A]

At the time I watched this (around March 2018), this movie came out of nowhere, and I’m guessing it must have been added to IMDb sometime within last six to eight months of that date – had it been there any longer, I would have ran into it (as I often scour IMDb for previously unknown horror flicks).

Straight to video (that much, the quality can attest to), The Toxic Slime Creature is such an obscurity I’ve thus far not found much information on it. A few sources call it an “extremely rare Vidimax release,” and that certainly seems plausible. The origins of this movie aside, let’s see how it actually is.

Made up of a limited cast (all of whom, at this point in time, have no additional credits on IMDb), this movie keeps things simple and to the point, going as far as only giving us brief, one-second glances of the titular slime creature at a time, which, given the special effects, is probably only a positive.

The only actor who really stood out was Charles Ward, whose character is one of the few who manages to keep calm throughout. Some of the dialogue is laughable (“How can it not have legs? What doesn’t have legs” being rebuffed by two suggestions, that of a snake and fish), but not as much as you might think going in.

With a run-time of just an hour (more like 57 minutes, truth be told), being holed up in an office most of the time and occasionally trying to fight the creature doesn’t make for an enthralling film, but even a banana held more dread than the climatic fight at the conclusion. There’s not that much to this movie, and it’s probably not worth seeing, but hell, it did possess some charm. At the very least, the title’s amusing.


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