Miles Before Sleep (2016)

Directed by Michael Taylor Pritt [Other horror films: Fun Time (2015), Are We the Waiting (2017), Night Howl (2017)]

Miles Before Sleep has a lot of heart, in my estimation. It’s a short film (under an hour, and the last six minutes or so are outtakes anyway), but does a good job of not waiting until the end to pick up. Which is a minor complaint also; while the fun might be in the chase, I’m not sure how much fun I had watching these individuals trying to escape the two brothers (plus their mute sister) over and over again.

Around the forty minute mark, I did feel as though it was dragging a bit. But that aside, the ending was an okay one (and the flashbacks strewn throughout the film were welcomed, because while we didn’t need background information on the killers and their family, I thought it was a nice touch).

A funny thing I wanted to point out: Valentine, who is the hesitant third brother (and infinitely more civilized) was played by the director of the film, Michael Taylor Pritt. No matter how much I tried, every time I saw Pritt on screen, I couldn’t help but think of John Bradley (who portrays Samwell Tarley in Game of Thrones). Doesn’t really change my thoughts on the film at all, but thought it was worth mentioning.

The two insane brothers (being Christian is one thing, but they take it to another level) did their jobs well, and overall, despite the low budget of the film, I thought everyone did a pretty decent job. The story’s nothing overly creative, but I had fun with it (the outtakes themselves were quite enjoyable also), so I’d recommend seeking this out if lower-budget movies are your thing.


Author: Jiggy's Horror Corner

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