Don’t Breathe (2016)

Dont Breathe

Directed by Fede Alvarez [Other horror films: Evil Dead (2013)]

With all the hype it’s gotten from the casual movie-goer, Don’t Breathe came across as rather an average film. In it, three thieves break into the home of a blind man, and discover he’s a bigger threat than they otherwise would’ve thought.

So basically, it’s a reverse home invasion movie, which is interesting. Two of the thieves are moderately easy to sympathize with (whereas the third one is a jackass), which at the very least is positive. And it should be mentioned that while the first forty minutes or so can come across as dull, it does get pretty tense at points. That said, I didn’t much care for the route they took at the hour mark, nor did I care for the ladybug symbolism.

I think what annoyed me most, though, was how the blind man is an atheist, which he makes clear as a justification of his actions, which just pissed me off. As the film is a Hollywood movie, though, I’m sure they didn’t go out of their way just to offend atheists, but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

The final thirty minutes honestly aren’t terribly enthralling. Really, the highlights of this film come within the first half; everything past a certain point lacks suspense and originality. If the trio of thieves had been chased around the house for the whole film, I honestly think I’d have liked it more. That said, it’s not a bad movie, not by any means. While there’s not that much stand-out gore, and it can feel a bit stylized at times, Don’t Breath is a decent film for a slow night. I just don’t know if it’s much more than that, in my opinion.


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