Hell Night (1981)

Hell Night

Directed by Tom DeSimone [Other horror films: Sons of Satan (1973), Hellhole (1985)]

Hell Night was a decent movie, but it actually didn’t do nearly as much as I thought it would, especially given the sub-genre and time period.

At an hour and forty minutes, this movie’s a tad longer than many slashers of the 80’s, but more than anything else, things felt drawn out as opposed to expanded upon. The reveal near the end was sort of cool (though expected), but it didn’t really mean much, as there wasn’t all that much backstory given to why exactly the killer went out of his way to kill during this night and not previous initiations.

The 1980’s mentality was fun – I loved the soundtrack and most of the dialogue (while some of the acting was lacking) was pretty amusing. But given the length of the movie, I was expecting a bit more than I got. Loved the atmosphere throughout most of the film, and most of the kills were acceptable (though only a few really stuck out to me), but something was missing.

What that was, I don’t know, but despite all the flaws, I moderately enjoyed it (including Linda Blair’s decently done character); it falls just below average, and there are certainly other slashers I’d go watch again before giving this another shot.


Author: Jiggy's Horror Corner

Fan of the horror genre, writer of mini-reviews, and lover of slashers.

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