Jockstrap Slaughterhouse (2016)

Jockstrap Slaughterhouse

Directed by Leopold Vincent Medley [Other horror films: The Ballad of Jeffrey (2015)]

Directed by Leopold Vincent Medley (his third “feature film”), Jockstrap Slaughterhouse is a low budget (boy, is it ever) slasher, with a school project mentality.

The story is simple enough: a bully and star football player was killed in 1980, and comes back present day for revenge, hunting down a circle of nerdy friends. There are elements of A Nightmare on Elm Street present (in the origin of Jockstrap Slaughterhouse – and yes, that’s his actual name), not to mention part four, with the first training montage scene (and yes, there’s a second training montage scene :P).

Apparently influenced by the works of Brett Piper (A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Psyclops, and Muckman among his more well-known works), Medley’s film has a lot of heart. Does it make up for the sometimes atrocious dialogue and scenes? Partially. The dialogue is at times deeply amusing, other times a bit too silly for me (example: both news reports). Still, the opening scene and the second death (“Not the wind, bitch!”) stood out in that department.

The makeup is low budget to non-existent; for example, when an individual’s head got knocked off, a prop was used that was very obviously from some Halloween store. But like I said, it has heart. Not without its problems, among them a training montage that runs a tad long even in this 40-minute movie, Jockstrap Slaughterhouse isn’t that bad of a low-to-no-budget horror film. I will say that I expected some twists to come at the end that I never got (whether deliberate or not, I’m unsure), but that’s okay. For what this is, an extremely low budget comedic slasher, this film does okay.


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